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Geomagnetic Storm destroyed 40  Starlink Satellites 

Geomagnetic Storm destroyed 40  Starlink Satellites  A Geomagnetic Storm is a weather event in Space where there is a very efficient exchange of Energy from the Solar Wind into Space .  About 40 satellites of Elon Musk’s SpaceX company have been damaged by the Geomagnetic Storm in Space.  Space meteorologists believe that it will get

Astronomers Discovers the Youngest Pair of Asteroids

There are many Asteroids in our Solar System but in pairs they are rarely found . In a recent study, a pair of asteroids circling the Sun has been discovered which is only 300 years old. It is the youngest asteroid pair ever discovered. Asteroids are generally believed to have formed during the formation of

Incredible Spectacle Streak across the Cabo Sky for over a Minute

A special kind of Fireworks were seen in the sky of South California, America. First it seemed that some burning meteorite was coming towards the earth. But when detected, it was part of SpaceX’s useless rocket.  As soon as this rocket came to the earth’s upper atmosphere, it started burning due to friction. The pieces

How Exoplanets Become Super-Earths After Losing Their Puffy Atmosphere

Exoplanets located away from the Solar System are of very different types, they cannot be classified like the planets of the Solar System. But from the point of view of common people’s understanding, these planets are given names in comparison to the planets of the solar system, such as Super Earth, or Giant Jupiter. In

How do Astronauts Relax in the Space Station?  

Astronauts spend their free time talking to their friends and family. Listening to music or playing an instrument is also his favourite work. There are also two libraries on the space station. Admiring the Beautiful Blue Earth The favourite way to relax on the space station is to gaze at the beautiful blue earth. The

Mysterious Stars seen in the Center of the Milky Way

Hundreds of mysterious stars were seen in the center of the galaxy, if you looked closely, this truth came to the fore Although the universe has many unique mysteries in itself, which keep coming Mysterious Stars seen in the center of the Milky Way These features of WhatsApp are very important! Will keep the account

Cerberus Fosse Region found on Planet Mars is Seismically Active

Generally a common man believes that there is no planet other than the earth where there is any movement. Natural activities take place on the earth itself, the rest of the planets are barren. Earthquakes also occur on Mars According to the report, it is still true that life cannot exist in planets in space,

A Mysterious Radio Signals detected in Space

Scientists watching every movement in space are surprised at this time. The reason for their surprise is the powerful radio signal that is coming from a mysterious object located in space at a distance of 4000 light-years from Earth. Scientists are getting such signals every 20 minutes. He says that such radio signals have never

Red Blood Cells Die Faster In Space

In a new study about space missions, it has been told that space missions start destroying red blood cells in the human body more rapidly. This can be a big problem, which can cause a lot of trouble not only for long-distance astronauts, but also for those travelling to space for tourism who are already

The Secret Ocean is hidden on This Moon of Saturn!  

 One of the moons of Saturn, the second largest planet in the Solar System, may have an ocean hidden. Astronomers claim that there is a layer of ice 32 km thick, under which this ocean can exist. Mimas is one of the closest and largest moons to Saturn. Its diameter is 395 kilometers and this

Amazon’s Alexa will fly to Space to be a part of NASA’s Moon Mission

Amazon and Lockheed Martin Company have announced plans to send Alexa to space in this NASA mission. Artemis 1 will be an unmanned mission NASA’s Moon mission ‘Artemis 1’ is going to make another history. Amazon and Lockheed Martin Company have announced plans to send Alexa to space in this NASA mission. Alexa is a

Rugby Sized Planet seen for the First Time in Space

It is generally believed that the shape of the planet is round but have you heard that the shape of a planet is like a potato. Yes, such a unique discovery has happened in Space. This discovery is believed to be very unique.  For the first time, a potato-sized planet has been discovered in space.

Amazing Event : Astronaut Scared of Fake Guerrilla in Space Station

Many countries of the world, including America, together have built the International Space Station. In the year 2016, something happened inside the space station, seeing that the astronauts were in panic. All this happened with the arrival of a ‘guerrilla’ inside the space station, which was not actually a guerrilla, but a joke. Astronaut scared

The Precious ‘Diamond Rain’ occurs on these Two Planets

There are some planets in our solar system like Uranus and Neptune, about which scientists claim that these planets have ‘rain of diamonds’. Gases like hydrogen, helium and methane are present on both these planets. Here the atmospheric pressure is very high, which breaks apart the hydrogen and carbon bonds and the carbon rains on

Lunar Rock Analysis reveals Solid Proof of Water on the Moon

We already have information about the evidence of water on the Moon, but this information has been received through satellites moving in the Moon’s orbit. Now for the first time, information has come to the fore with on-site proof of the presence of water on the Moon. Evidence of water on the Moon According to

Scientists Surprised By Hubble Telescope Picture Of The Sun

The Sun is an average-sized hot ball of hydrogen and helium gases, which formed 4.5 billion years ago. The Sun has traveled almost half its distance in its lifetime. Its diameter is about 864,000 miles. Its surface temperature is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, or 5,500 degrees Celsius   NASA’s Hubble Telescope has captured a new